Midwest Book Review – Biography


The Midwest Book Review – Biography – has a new review of Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations. Actually, it’s the very first press review. The new stuff is in the second paragraph. Highly gratifying that they like the books!!

Synopsis: ‘Keep This Quiet! III – Initiations’ begins in the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, where Margaret was enrolled in 1984. She is headed for a big initiation there, which she narrates for us – showing how initiations are life-transforming. Notably, she also dives into the debate between physicist Wolfgang Pauli and psychiatrist Carl Jung about how science/matter and psyche/spirit/synchronicity emerge from a unified psychophysical realm. Dreams lend assistance, as do the brilliant Jung-Pauli letters. Exercises in the back offer practical help in how to work with energy.

“Critique: This is the third and highly recommended title in Margaret Harrell’s outstanding ‘Keep This Quiet’ autobiographical series. A fascinating and exceptionally well written personal story, ‘Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations’ is as informative as it is entertaining and will be especially interesting to students of Jungian psychology and metaphysics. ‘Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations’ is very highly recommended for both community and academic library collections. Also exceptionally commended are the first two volumes in this outstanding series: ‘Keep This Quiet! My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert’ (9780983704508, $17.95 PB, $3.99 Kindle) and ‘Keep This Quiet Too! More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert’ (9780983704539, $17.95 PB, $3.95 Kindle).

Keep This Quiet! III – Out Now

  Look what showed up on Amazon. This was not supposed to be published yet. I just saw the first physical proof the 18th. But in the mysterious ways of life, it’s now on Amazon, officially published the 15th. I had intended to  take a few advance copies to the Gonzo Fest and present one each […]

Gonzo Fest 2014 in April at Louisville

THIS JUST IN FROM RON WHITEHEAD about the Gonzo Fest 2014: One of the new featured guests is William McKeen and another is me. What an exciting prospect to be part of this event. Ron writes: “I’m happy and excited to announce that William McKeen will be a Featured Guest at GonzoFest 2014. William McKeen, […]

Marking Time with Faulkner – ebook

Subtitle: A Study of the Symbolic Importance of the Mark and of Related Actions. This print book is now in inexpensive iPad download in 50 countries. I first wrote it as a graduate student at Columbia University, under a wonderful advisor, John Unterecker, a professor and poet, who wrote Voyager: A Life of Hart Crane, which […]

Keep THIS Quiet Too – in iPad

Keep THIS Quiet Too! is scheduled to be ready for my viewing in iPad tomorrow. It was professionally converted, so I hope all the images transferred well from pdf. Anyway, tomorrow if so, it goes on sale – in iPad – in multiple countries. Very inexpensive. A nice Christmas present. And Marking Time with Faulkner […]

Panel I’ll Be in at Quail Ridge Books

How to Write and Publish Your Memoir workshop with Stacey Cochran Saturday, Oct 12 6:30pm Quail Ridge Books & Music Raleigh, NC   Raleigh “Write to Publish” organizer Stacey Cochran will lead a panel discussion with authors Margaret A. Harrell and Lilith Giardini on how to write and publish your memoir. This event is free to […]

Interview on Hunter Thompson Books site

I’ve just given a long Q & A interview to Martin Flynn that’s now posted on his website, in the interview portion, HERE. Let me know what  you think. And perhaps I’ll have some Q & A interviews on this site as well. This one was fun to do. Some of the questions, I’d never […]

On “Hell’s Angels”

This is a review of Hell’s Angels I came across by Christopher Allen, on the website Notes from Underground. He just read it for the first time. Wonderfully written review: “The book is amazing. It’s objective, biased, horrifying and profound. At times you feel like you’re reading a nature book on some brutish animal and […]

Book Review – KTQ Too!

The Mi

Sibiu, Romania, Photos – Home of Saeculum Univ. Press

    This is Sibiu, Romania, where before moving back to the U.S. from Belgium, I used to spend time each year, working on my books. A wonderful place to write. The photo comes from the new Sibiu website. Here’s another photo of the town, which was a Cultural Capital of Europe, with Luxembourg, in […]

Midwest Book Review – Keep THIS Quiet Too!

Below is an e-mail message from James A. Cox, Editor in Chief of Midwest Book Review, with a brand-new review of Keep THIS Quiet Too! They like it!!! This is one of the first reviews so I was holding my breath to see how the ball would roll.The review is in the January 2013 issue of “Wisconsin Bookwatch” […]

Wonderland Book Club – January 25

There’s a Wonderland Book Club event January 25  – 10 a.m. – at which I’m the presenter for Keep This Quiet! It’s going to be a fun event. So if you are free that Friday and in the Raleigh area, please do come. You can come as my guest if you wish. Just let me know. […]