Ron Whitehead at the Gonzo Fest on YouTube

Click below to see the video.

It was a long process, but finally, thanks to Lumena Atherton’s work in cutting the video into clips, I can post a few glimpses into my presentation at the Gonzo Fest in Louisville last April. Thanks also of course to filmographer/political journalist Nick Storm, of Storm Generation Films, who is presently making a full-length biographical film of Ron Whitehead.

This YouTube clip is the introduction to my talk at an Indie bookstore–a colorful lead-in by Ron. It’s always interesting when he’s on stage. And this time is no exception. After such an introduction, it’s easy to go next, because he’s the best at “warming up the audience.” I’ll put a few more clips up in the coming days. But nothing takes the place of viewing the DVD, all ninety minutes, as a whole. For now, though, I’m very pleased to have this Christmas gift to me of clips. Reminds me of a wonderful highlight in 2014. And indeed much longer into the past.

Again, click here to view.

And many Holiday greetings to everyone, wishing you a most satisfying end of the year and a fabulous New Year.

Parapsychology at the Rhine Center

What do you know? I just checked in to the Rhine Center website to look at some of their current research and what popped up but a familiar photo here. Click to see it. It’s an old shot of J. B. Rhine and me. Rhine, a major pioneer in laboratory parapsychology, posed for this photo […]

One Tribe Fest Expo Saturday

The One Tribe Fest is here Saturday the 8th! All day. Come by the Fairgrounds to the Holshouser Building, 1025 Blue Ridge Road. Enter by gates 2, 5, and 11. It’s all day 10 – 7. I hope you will come by and see me in my booth and also come to my Demo at […]

Keep This Quiet! IV

Keep This Quiet IV: More Initiations is just going out to a very few readers – in manuscript – now! Wow. It’s come a long way. The time for this one is 1991-2005 more or less. I’m also considering having some SEO website work done. Here’s an image that may or may not be part […]

Midwest Book Review – Biography

The Midwest Book Review – Biography – has a new review of Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations. Actually, it’s the very first press review. The new stuff is in the second paragraph. Highly gratifying that they like the books!! Synopsis: ‘Keep This Quiet! III – Initiations’ begins in the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, where […]

Keep This Quiet! III – Out Now

  Look what showed up on Amazon. This was not supposed to be published yet. I just saw the first physical proof the 18th. But in the mysterious ways of life, it’s now on Amazon, officially published the 15th. I had intended to  take a few advance copies to the Gonzo Fest and present one each […]

Gonzo Fest 2014 in April at Louisville

THIS JUST IN FROM RON WHITEHEAD about the Gonzo Fest 2014: One of the new featured guests is William McKeen and another is me. What an exciting prospect to be part of this event. Ron writes: “I’m happy and excited to announce that William McKeen will be a Featured Guest at GonzoFest 2014. William McKeen, […]

Marking Time with Faulkner – ebook

Subtitle: A Study of the Symbolic Importance of the Mark and of Related Actions. This print book is now in inexpensive iPad download in 50 countries. I first wrote it as a graduate student at Columbia University, under a wonderful advisor, John Unterecker, a professor and poet, who wrote Voyager: A Life of Hart Crane, which […]

Keep THIS Quiet Too – in iPad

Keep THIS Quiet Too! is scheduled to be ready for my viewing in iPad tomorrow. It was professionally converted, so I hope all the images transferred well from pdf. Anyway, tomorrow if so, it goes on sale – in iPad – in multiple countries. Very inexpensive. A nice Christmas present. And Marking Time with Faulkner […]

Panel I’ll Be in at Quail Ridge Books

How to Write and Publish Your Memoir workshop with Stacey Cochran Saturday, Oct 12 6:30pm Quail Ridge Books & Music Raleigh, NC   Raleigh “Write to Publish” organizer Stacey Cochran will lead a panel discussion with authors Margaret A. Harrell and Lilith Giardini on how to write and publish your memoir. This event is free to […]

Interview on Hunter Thompson Books site

I’ve just given a long Q & A interview to Martin Flynn that’s now posted on his website, in the interview portion, HERE. Let me know what  you think. And perhaps I’ll have some Q & A interviews on this site as well. This one was fun to do. Some of the questions, I’d never […]

On “Hell’s Angels”

This is a review of Hell’s Angels I came across by Christopher Allen, on the website Notes from Underground. He just read it for the first time. Wonderfully written review: “The book is amazing. It’s objective, biased, horrifying and profound. At times you feel like you’re reading a nature book on some brutish animal and […]